Brand name or off brand name plumbing supplies?

Brand name or off brand name plumbing supplies?

The majority of plumbers know that quality counts on the job. The best way to ensure that quality is by using brand name plumbing supplies from a trusted wholesaler. However, it may not always be common knowledge for customers, which means a contractor needs to be able to clearly and correctly explain why the plumbing supply products they use cost more than ones at Big Box stores. They also need to be able to convince the customer the cost is worth it.

Here are some tips for contractors to communicate about the cost of plumbing supplies with their customers.

  1. Reliable – One of the best reasons to pay more for brand name plumbing supplies is that they will be used everyday and therefore need to be reliable. Brand name plumbing supplies have the quality needed to ensure they run the course. Major brand manufacturers are also more selective about the products they ship to a Big Box store and ones they provide to a wholesaler. In some ways they have to be, as it comes down to the demands of Big Box stores who are in the market of selling less expensive items. To meet the demands a manufacturer cuts back on the more expensive materials and will often use plastic parts or lower-quality supplies. This can be seen by the difference in weight of seemingly identical products found at a wholesaler and a Big Box store. Thus, wholesalers, like Supply Expert, are the ones that receive higher quality products. Off-brand name fixtures are more prone to leak and break sooner than brand name ones. The price of the fixture will be directly related to the quality of it, according tohome building experts. A good fixture will be well-made and able to last for years.
  2. Repairs – Another concern when using off-brand name plumbing supplies is the difficulty you can face when repairs are needed. This can be where it costs the customer more in the long run. It may be more difficult to get plumbing supply parts in case something in the home needs repairing. Experts agree that off brand name plumbing supplies tend to have problems within 10 years. In the case of shut off valves, they tend to stop working within 15 years.
  3. Product information – Another reason to purchase your plumbing supply products through a wholesaler, like Supply Expert, is that they can provide accurate information about the product that you can’t find on product packaging. Not to mention a wholesaler can give you the best price for plumbing supplies.
  4. Certified – Plumbing supplies sold online, like at Supply Expert, have an advantage of being quality products that are certified. Products that are certified can be counted on to do the job. Moreover, uncertified plumbing supplies put the contractor, home owner and others at risk for injury or even death. Certified products are those that have met the industry standard, which can give the consumer piece of mind. As part of the certification process the plumbing supply manufacturer has had the products tested for safety and performance.
  5. Warranty – Brand name plumbing supplies also come with better warranty policies. Big Box store warranties are often shorter than those by a wholesaler as they are covered by the store itself. This can prove beneficial when plumbing supplies need to be repaired or even replaced. This is more easily done under a full manufacturers warranty.

Building trust

Most consumers look for a trusted professional when they need a plumber. Part of building that trust is supplying home owners with products that do what they are supposed to do. It can be useful to keep in mind that a customer is not paying for simply for plumbing supplies, they are paying for a solution. The solution is how you put the supplies together to solve their problem.

It may be necessary to explain to a client or home owner that plumbing supplies need to be judged on more than look and cost alone. Usability, the finish, the control over the water and where fixtures will be placed are just a few of the considerations that go into finding the right plumbing supplies.

Once you have established the benefits of brand name, wholesaler-supplied plumbing products for your customer you can visit Supply Expert to look at the latest in plumbing supplies to get you started on the job.